Check Out The New ProPilot Assist System Coming To 2018 Coast Nissan Models

The revolutionary Nissan ProPilot Assist system is debuting at Coast Nissan with the 2018 models, and is an exciting technology that makes driving easier and less stressful. Along with helping to keep drivers safe and monitoring your car’s position on the road, the various ProPilot tools make everyday tasks like parking simpler. This allows you to enjoy driving more and appreciate the fun parts of getting behind the wheel. Here is a quick overview of the ProPilot system from your local coastal Nissan dealership in SLO.

Assisted Driving

Nissan’s ProPilot Assist was not designed to fully automate the car, only to help the driver in navigations and safety. Once ProPilot is activated, the driver must have at least one hand on the wheel at all times. The system will then identify the lane the car is in along with its speed and will automatically make adjustments depending on traffic. It can slow down the vehicle to the speed of the car it’s following and will keep a safe distance away to avoid a collision. The ProPilot system is one of the steadiest and advanced systems on the market, able to adapt to sharp curves with ease and remain in the lane without swaying from side to side.

Simplifying Tasks

Finding the right parking spot and pulling into it can be difficult, but the ProPilot parking system can easily automate the process. Once the target spot is identified by the system, it will automatically move the steering wheel, accelerate and brake the car to guide it into position. All of these features are made possible thanks to the addition of various sensors and cameras that make the car aware of its surroundings.

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