Explore These Family Friendly Golf Courses Near SLO

While golfing is a fun activity and a great way to relieve all the stress that has built up during the work week, playing a long course can take time and often is expensive. Additionally, longer courses and holes can be especially difficult if you haven’t golfed in a while or simply have younger kids who want to play. Instead of heading out for a four to five hour game on 18 holes, there are several smaller courses around San Luis Obispo, CA where you can relax and enjoy a fun round of golf with your kids. Here are a few courses that Coast Nissan recommends for family fun.

Mr. Putters Putt Putt

Even if you are a serious golfer, it’s hard to not enjoy a game of putt putt, especially with all the interesting courses and ease of play. All you need is a putter and a ball and a couple of friends, and it’s a blast trying to navigate the wonderfully decorated and designed holes. The course is clean, the staff members are friendly and they are even installing a pizza kitchen so you can have a bite to eat after playing your round. Family members of all ages will enjoy this activity, and it never hurts to work on your short game.

Laguna Lake Golf Course

For a golf trip that lies in between putt putt and an eighteen-hole adventure, try the executive-length (par three) golf course down at Laguna Lake. It has been rated highly, has one of the best maintained layouts in the area and offers scenic views along the way. The par three classification means that each hole is relatively short and easy to play, while still offering a fun experience for just beginning and accomplished golfers.

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