Find Out Whether You Should Buy Or Lease A New Car At Coast Nissan

One of the biggest questions for any new car owner is whether to buy or lease. Leasing rose in popularity during the 1980s as many people didn’t want to be locked down to a single car over many years. There are advantages to both, and our friendly sales team at Coast Nissan will be happy to help you determine which is the best option. Here is just a brief overview on each and their relative benefits from our San Luis Obispo car dealership.

Buying A Car

There is a certain pride that comes with owning a car, and by purchasing a vehicle you can save money in the long run as long as it remains well serviced. While you may have higher monthly payments, the payments only last over a finite period. Once the loan on the car has been paid off, you fully own the vehicle and with regular maintenance, can make it last for many more years. Buying a car is a great option for people who love a particular model or style of car, or simply want the economic freedom that comes with owning a vehicle.

Benefits Of Leasing

Many people can’t stand to just drive one car for years on end or want the new features and technologies that come with new cars each year. Leases also generally have low monthly payments and less of a down payment. Your warranty covers the majority of repair costs, and once the contract is finished, you can move on to a brand-new release or change vehicle types.

Ultimately, buying a car is more of a long-term investment than leasing, and will reward you down the line. However, a lease can be perfect for the time when you are saving up money to put a down payment on a new car and prepare for the higher monthly bills. Be sure to stop by our coastal Nissan dealership for the answers to any other questions you may have and to find the best deals on new and used Nissans.

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