Get Ahead Of Car Troubles With Service From Coast Nissan

Having your car break down on a busy highway or in the middle of nowhere is a major inconvenience. From having to stop and fix the problem or calling a repair truck to help get you back on the road, it can take hours before your car is ready to drive again. Fortunately, many of these breakdowns are preventable with a little foresight and Nissan service from Coast Nissan. Much like you go to the doctor or dentist to detect problems ahead of time, come into our San Luis Obispo car dealership and have your Nissan checked for these preventable problems.

Dead Battery

Car batteries are often forgotten about, as they generally last for about four to five years. Having to call someone to jump start the car can be difficult for everyone, especially on a busy road or highway, so have your battery periodically checked to ensure it is holding a good charge. During an oil change is the perfect time to have our experts check.

Tire Troubles

An improperly inflated tire is more prone to punctures and blowout that can take your car out of commission. By regularly monitoring the tire pressure, you can avoid putting your tires at greater risk as well as keep your gas mileage from dropping.


Your car relies on a number of fluids in order to run at maximum efficiency, and it is easy to not notice an internal leak in your car. Have Coast Nissan examine your car for any potential leaks or low levels of fluids in your car during your next service appointment.

These conditions are easily detectable and preventable if they are caught ahead of time, so schedule a regular checkup for your car at Coast Nissan. Our expert technicians will get your car patched up and on the road in no time, and you can even schedule an appointment on your time on our website.

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