Grab A Good Book To Read At One Of These Stores Near Coast Nissan

After a long day at work or school, there is nothing better than relaxing and enjoying a good book. Whether you prefer a cryptic mystery or an action-packed adventure, it’s easy to sink your teeth into a novel and let your mind wander to a new world. Books are also a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a meeting or while you sit as a passenger in a car. They also help to keep your mind active, so here are a few of Coast Nissan’s favorite bookstores to frequent around San Luis Obispo, CA.

Phoenix Books

Atmosphere is a major factor when considering which bookstore to visit, and is one of the big benefits of choosing an old-school store like Phoenix Books instead of a larger chain. Thanks to their amazing selection, peaceful reading areas and competitive prices, this smaller shop has managed to stay alive as corporate giants try to force them out of business. The friendly customer service and knowledgeable help is a breath of fresh air and a way to momentarily step away from pressures everyday life. They also have a large selection of used books and comic books so you can save money and keep the kids happy.

Dr. Cain’s Comics And Games

Comics and graphic novels make up a sizeable percentage of bookstore sales, and this is one of the premier locations to find a new series to pick up. Their knowledgeable staff will help you find a series you can enjoy from their vast selection. They also sell action figures and board games, making them a great destination to find a birthday present or a new adventure for family game night. Once you have a good book, all you need is a driver and a car to read it in. Come down to our coastal Nissan dealership to find incredible savings on all new and used Nissan models along with friendly customer service.

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