Nissan Announces e-Bio Fuel-Cell Research

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Nissan recently released that it is in the process of researching a Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell system that will run off of a bio-ethanol electric power. This new technology would be the first of its kind for automotive use worldwide. The technology would make vehicles run with high efficiency, using various fuels like ethanol and natural gas mixed with oxygen to create electricity.

This e-Bio Fuel-cell produces a great amount of electricity through its power generator, the Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell system, using bio-ethanol in the vehicle. The vehicle this technology would power would have a very efficient power system that would rival the distances that gasoline-fueled cars have. Not only would this technology make the car efficient, but it would make the ride silent.

Fuel-cells use chemicals that mix with oxygen that eliminate the waste of harmful exhaust and other byproducts. These kinds of fuels are widely available across the globe. As the technology continues to develop, it will become easier for the average consumer to use. Maintenance and other costs would be similar to the costs of a standard electric vehicle currently on the market.

This technology pushes society to reevaluate zero-emission vehicles as the new standard. Nissan recently released a concept car that reflects their ongoing research. It is based on a e-NV200 MPV and uses a 24kWh battery that allows it to drive over 373 miles. The vehicle also has the ability to run on ethanol-blended water, which is easy and safe to use. Nissan believes this is a sustainable fuel source because it is based off a substance that is mostly sugar cane and corn.

As Nissan continues to research new technology and the constantly changing needs of the consumer, they continue to create high quality vehicles. To view the latest models Nissan has to offer, visit Coast Nissan.





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