The Nissan GT-R Is The Fastest Drift Car

2017 GTR Cardinale Nissan

The Nissan GT-R has become the fastest drift car on the planet after the team at NISMO modified to reach speeds of 190mph, while going sideways. The car was never meant to be a drifter – it was meant to be a fast-paced thrill on the race course.

The modifications for the car include a complete overhaul of the interiors and dual-clutch transmission. They have been replaced with racing seats, a cage and a sequential gearbox. Rear-wheel drive has replaced the car’s original all wheel drive system. To get the beast roaring, a 4L twin-turbo V6 engine resides under the hood and is paired with a good nitrous injection system. It can now produce an eye-pooping 1390 horsepower.

To help with the drifting, the front tires are bigger than the rear ones. The suspension has undergone a complete overhaul to accommodate this. The GT-R was always meant to be quick on the lap but everything on the car was scrutinized and revised to make it go as fast and as sideways as possible. The GT-R set the world record with Japanese driver Masato Kawabata behind the wheels.

Although, the car does not quite scary to drive with the right expertise, anything is possible. The original GT-R is an amazing car in itself and can leave competitors behind with ease. Coast Nissan offers the GT-R and other stunning Nissan models.




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