The Nissan Leaf Offers Fuel-Free Driving To Everyone

Nissan Leaf Review Long Term

The evolution of the current generation petroleum powered automobiles into something more futuristic like an electric vehicle is inevitable with the introduction of Nissan’ first ever EV called the Leaf.

Among the several driver assistance tech features offered by the car, there is an EV specific technology that finds great utility in locating the nearest charging station. The system maintains a sizeable database of public charging stations and also stores the geo location of any station the car was previously plugged into. Despite the fact that the initial investment required for an EV is a tad bit higher than its gasoline fuelled hatchback siblings, the operational and maintenance costs are far more affordable in comparison to the latter.

The premium spec variant of the Nissan Leaf is priced at a modest $35,440 which is inclusive of $170 floor and cargo mats and an additional quick charge port marked at $700. However, starting from 2012, all the Leafs of SL and SV trims receive a standard quick charge port at no extra cost. In addition to this, the SL trim variant of the Leaf features a heated steering wheel, a battery heater, HVAC ducts on the rear, heated outside mirrors and heated rear and front seats. The aforementioned features not only provide great comfort to the car’s occupants during the cold harsh winter months, but also considerably enhance the cold weather efficiency of the car. The phenomenon can be explained by the energy costs reduction in heating the seats as compared to the entire cabin.

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