The Nissan Leaf Is A Revolution In Driving

Nissan Leaf Review Long Term

Apart from offering a cheaper alternative to the petroleum, the Leaf provides for various methods through which you could further cut down on your energy costs.

For all those people looking for a long journey in the cold winter months, the best option is to preheat the cabin while the car is plugged into one of the charging stations.  Apart from this, there are a few minor hitches such as low voltage chargers’ insensitivity to some of the charging sockets, which can actually be deemed as pretty standard for the breed of EVs. A similar issue has been identified in the Chevrolet Volt as well, and can be shunned as nothing out of the ordinary. The possible explanation for this could be the structural design of the charging cord available on the EV.

The Leaf may not be an inevitable option of all the automobile enthusiasts out there, but it certainly has an appeal which strikes a chord with those who are open to more radical and futuristic technologies.

Speaking of its on road performance, the Leaf offers an impressive drag coefficient of 0.79 which facilitates handling akin to that of a huge SUV. The acceleration is responsive and can be increased up to a top speed limit of 92 mph. The car can easily hit the 0 to 60 mph mark within 10 seconds flat and takes another 8.7 to reach the 80 mph mark.

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