Nissan Pushing Carwings to Provide More Information to LEAF Owners

The Japanese auto manufacturer teamed up with the makers of Carwings when the first U.S. mass produced electric vehicles were on sale to provide LEAF owners with a service tool that familiarizes customers with their new vehicles, as well as establish a charging routine. Although Carwings was a great application for new buyers, almost four years later, Nissan is hoping they can encourage Carwings to provide the customers with more information regarding their vehicle. Nissan believes that providing information in regards to the electric vehicle’s battery health is important – the idea first came after Nissan received customer complaints from LEAF owners who lived in hot-weather locations, like Arizona. Customers stated that their batteries were losing capacity at a much faster rate than originally advertised. In an effort to provide customers with valuable information, Nissan is hoping Carwings will step up and rework their current platform. If you would like to read the full article, please click on the link below:




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