Nissan’s HR12DDR Engine


The Nissan’s HR12DDR engine is designed to reduce the fuel consumption while still promising a smooth driving experience. The emission volume is decreased and the efficiency of the engine is enhanced so as to reduce fuel consumption as compared to the general gas engines.

The HR12DDR engine utilizes a supercharger for achieving the required power. In vehicles using a gasoline engine, it is obvious that more or less 20% of energy is utilized in gaining energy through burnt gas. But, the case is different when it comes to HR12DDR, as 20% of the energy produced is utilized efficiently by various systems of the car.

The engine increases fuel efficiency by reducing friction and pumping loss. It also enhances the heat efficiency, in turn reducing the consumption of fuel. Friction can be reduced by 10 % if the metal parts are coated with special friction-reducing agents. Also, reducing tension in the moving belts helps reduce the among of friction.

The 4 stroke gasoline engine follows a cycle to generate energy. The cycle starts with intake of fuel, which gets compressed and combusted and is finally given out through the exhaust. If the air suction becomes difficult then there are chances of fuel being wasted at the time of intake. So, Nissan’s HR12DDR engine uses the technique of the miller cycle which can delay the closure of intake in order to reduce wastage.

To improve the heat efficiency, the ratio of compression in the HR12DDR engine is increased to 12:1 by the help of supercharger. For more details on Nissan’s HR12DDR engine, please visit Coast Nissan.





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