Nissan’s Intelligent Key System


Nissan’s intelligent key system is used for unlocking the doors of vehicles in a more convenient manner. The intelligent key allows you to enter you vehicle in a hands-free manner; making it quick and easy to get int and out of your vehicle

The functionality of this system is based on the customization of the key system. The engine can be ignited without inserting the key. All you need to to is to push the button to start or stop the engine. The hands-free key system enables the driver to lock the door and unlock the door without using any keys. Even the trunk can be opened using the switch present over the handle of the door.

With Nissan’s Intelligent Key System, you never need to worry about getting locked out of your own vehicle. For example, if you forget the key inside your car, a signal indicator automatically gets turned on and alerts you with continuous buzzing. Also, the door or trunk get unlocked automatically to remove the key from inside the car. Once the key is taken out of the car and doors are shut, proper lock protection is enabled.

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