Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror


The Nissan Rogue is equipped with the latest tech gadget – the Smart rearview mirror. The mirror is an extension of a traditional one, which transforms into a video screen. When you flip the dimmer switch to go to the night driving mode, you automatically switch to video camera mode. The feed is streamed from a camera that is tucked away in the boot. This gives you a clear view of what is behind you. By taking the next step into technological advancement, Nissan has made it easy for the driver to see beyond headrests, tall passengers and copious quantities of baggage.

With this new technology, you can also switch over to the regular rearview mode. That being said, not many would want to go old school with you have the LCD screen mode on which gives you the advantage of parallel parking and other issues associated with driving. One of the best advantages is that you do not have to turn your head while backing out of the driveway. For instance, you can actually see a fair amount of space without shifting your gaze elsewhere. Without being distracted for the driver as is with a regular mirror, your drive will be a breeze.

The price of the Smart rearview mirror will be factored into the pricing of a new car and is definitely a feature that you want on your vehicle. This LCD monitor in sum provides the driver with an unobstructed view of the rear. With this technology in place, you can check blind spots and any other conditions with clear imagery. The clarity of images is noticeable in any climate.

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