Nissan’s Wireless Charging System


Nissan’s leading affordable and environmentally friendly car, also known as the LEAF, is a five-door electric hatchback compact car. What sets this car apart from practically every other vehicle is its amazing electric power train with a 30-kwh battery. This gives you a driving max of about 107 miles.

The wireless charging technology is generated by magnetic flux. This occurs when electricity passes though the primary coil positioned in the strategic parking place. By overlapping the secondary coil with eloectromagnetic induction, the car does not require constant cable charging.

There is no need to worry about a plugging system because the car gets charged every time you park the vehicle. The battery charges from empty in a span of about 6 hours. The innovative LEAF system works on intuitive parking guidance without changing any system or software.

The car has a digital display providing adequate visibility of the speedometer and the eco indicator. There is a multi-function display, capacity level gauge, the remaining energy gauge, battery temperature gauge, and more.

The car works on an EV platform with a torsion beam located at the rear end of the vehicle and a multilink front suspension. With the nearly instantaneous torque and strong acceleration, the compact car that boasts of an eco-route feature and has extended warranties for their batteries.

Every model is equipped with a dual front, full length and front side airbags. The Nissan has an iPhone app that entitles the owner to check on the battery power of the vehicle, duration remaining for a full charge and the stations available to charge the vehicle.

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