Preventive Maintenance Saves You Money

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They say you need to spend money to make money, but in the case of your vehicle, you need to spend a little to save a lot. Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle is vital to keep it running smoothly.

One piece of your vehicle that you may overlook is your serpentine belt. Don’t know what a serpentine belt looks like? It’s the long belt that snakes around the front of your engine. The belt turns constantly every time your engine is running. It supplies parts of your engine the power it needs to keep moving forward. Things like your alternator, air conditioning compressor and your power steering pump are powered by the serpentine belt. On some models, the serpentine belt also supplies power to the water pump, power brakes and radiator fan. It plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle running properly.

With time, exposure to the elements and age, your serpentine belt wears out. If a serpentine belt snaps, the battery of your vehicle would die rapidly. It usually only takes a few miles for it to be drained before it dies. The issues that would result in a broken serpentine belt varies depending on what it powers. Some vehicle owners have had their engine overheat due to the fan and waterpump not being properly powered. In other cases, the steering and brakes have been affected, making it harder to maneuver the vehicle to safety. All of these issues can be easily avoided by regular maintenance.

The owner’s manual for your vehicle will advise when the best time to replace your serpentine belt. Another option is asking your service advisor for their recommendation based on the belts’ current wear. The service advisor has several ways to test the belt to make sure you stay safe on the road. Your serpentine belt is also checked when your car gets an inspection.

Properly maintaining your vehicle is crucial to keep it running smoothly. Most dealerships, like Coast Nissan, have a convenient service department that makes getting your investment serviced a breeze. For more information about the numerous services Coast Nissan has to offer.





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