A Review Of The Safe 2017 Nissan Pathfinder

2017 Pathfinder


Most of the Pathfinder’s safety systems are similar to last year’s model. However, it is easy to see that the safety measures have improved on this model with the introduction of the front emergency braking and intelligent cruise control. A major introduction is that of the Around View Monitor that lets you track moving objects as you drive.


The Pathfinder has it’s own base of fans and rightfully so. It can offer some amazing features and makes sure nothing is complicated for the drivers to learn. Price is another major factor as to why the car is so popular. Add to this, the fact that that nee features have been introduced and the exterior revamp, the car is definitely going to be a hot seller. It will also give Nissan the opportunity to keep the car for the next few years without it being too many upgrades. Overall, the Pathfinder is definitely a car that is recommended that want to have fun in an SUV and still feel the power.

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