Stop By These Farmer’s Markets Near Coast Nissan For Fresh Food And Ingredients

Much like the seasonal sales down at Coast Nissan, the farmer’s markets in SLO change up their offerings with the seasonal food favorites. August brings a number of delicious fruits, vegetables and other fall creations to enjoy. Fortunately, San Luis Obispo, CA is blessed to have several farmer’s markets that allow you to shop for your favorite produce on almost any day of the week, so take a day and explore the quality that locally grown and sourced ingredients can provide. Here are some of our seasonal favorite spots and foods at Coast Nissan.

SLO Saturday Market

Held every week at the World Market and Embassy Suites parking lot, this highly trafficked farmer’s market specializes in local products made by shop owners you may know by name. The latest specialty for the Saturday Market is Lori Heal and her famous Mama’s Preserves and 2 Peas in a Pod products. She sells incredible preserves and a variety of beans that are sought after by chefs from all across the county. This August is also a great month for dry farmed watermelon, which is a tasty picnic food or way to relax after a hot summer’s day. Try it frozen for a sweet and cooling treat.

Morro Bay Thursdays

Down at Morro Bay each Thursday you can find a wide selection of seafood and produce to make your dinners even better. It’s a wonderful place to chat with the members of the community and stand owners to learn more about their business and make new friends. They can help you find the best spices and herbs for your dishes, from fresh basil to tasty zucchini blossom. Also, be sure to check out the perfectly ripe peaches that make for a delectable and healthy snack or dessert.

Just like the friendly community you can find at these farmer’s markets, our sales team at Coast Nissan is eager to serve you and will help you get into the car of your dreams. You can also check to view all our latest offers and to schedule Nissan service.

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