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Your car requires oil to lubricate the engine parts and protect the engine from wear. But not every type of oil is right for every vehicle. Todays’ engines require motor oil that meets the automaker’s requirements to ensure the engine runs properly. Using the wrong kind of oil can lead to premature engine wear, and it can void your car’s powertrain warranty. When you bring your vehicle to the Coast Nissan Service Center for an oil change and auto repair in San Luis Obispo, we’ll use the right type of oil for your vehicle.

Most newer cars use synthetic or synthetic blend oil. You can learn which type of oil is best for your car in the owner’s manual, but if you can’t find it or need some help, please call the San Luis Obispo auto repair experts at Coast Nissan. We’ll let you know which oil is best for your vehicle and schedule your next visit.

Oil change intervals vary depending on the vehicle you drive and the type of oil it uses. The old recommendation was to change the oil every 3,000 miles, but today’s synthetic and synthetic blend oils only need to be changed at 5,000 to 7,500-mile intervals. In some instances, synthetic oil can last as long as 15,000 miles before it needs changing. Follow your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to ensure you’re changing the oil at the right time. 

If you have an older car, you’ll find two different oil change schedules in your owner’s manuals, one for normal operation and one for severe use. The normal schedule is recommended for most drivers. The severe schedule is for people who use their cars for many short trips of five miles or less, in very hot or cold climates, in a lot of stop-and-go driving, or for towing and hauling.

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Most newer vehicles are equipped with an oil-life monitoring system that will automatically monitor the state of the car’s oil and alert you when it needs to be changed. For this reason, most new cars’ owner’s manuals eliminate the severe use schedule. The monitoring system will take the type of driving into consideration.

When you bring your car to the Coast Nissan Service Center for an oil change, our service technician will reset the oil-life monitoring system. If you decide to change your car’s oil yourself, you should check your owner’s manual to get directions on how to reset the system.

Since newer engines require less frequent oil changes, it’s important to check the oil level once a month and top it off as necessary. Keeping the oil at the correct levels will help prevent you from having to get the engine repaired. If you don’t use your car frequently, most manufacturers recommend changing the oil every year, even if the oil-life monitor light hasn’t come on.

When you need to make an appointment for an oil change, scheduled maintenance, auto repair or any other service, bring your car to the experts at the Coast Nissan Service Center. Call us at 805-254-4255 to schedule your visit or use our website’s Schedule Service form to make an appointment.

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